International Capital Growth Services

A secure confidential service for serious
fund requirements and realistic
investment assets

Based upon a referral and qualified lead model

International Capital Growth Services

  • A secure confidential referral service for serious fund requirements and realistic investment assets.

  • ICGS has been 18 years in operation, we currently have major global transactions.

  • Opportunity assessment and linking by our experienced staff in bonds and currency exchange and asset monetisation.

  • We do not use the Cloud services or regular website for details.

  • Our secure server uses encryption to ensure the transaction details are secure.

If this would help you with your business or opportunity growth then please call and you will be given a secure access to further information after initial discussion and assessment.

Please fill in the information below and we will send you an email and/or phone number
we can communicate on initially

  • Nation growth

    Funds for infrastructure, land and resource development.

  • Investment growth

    Funds required for your project or opportunity.

  • Equity growth

    Projects required for your funds.

  • Capital growth

    Funds for your funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question? Check Out These FAQs

Q1) I have funds to invest and want security from the hacking and compromising of my identity. +

The only people to see your name will be our staff and your investment company.
The use of a secure server and email system will minimise the possibly of misuse of the information

Q2) I have heard that the transfer of large funds internationally is now very difficult. +

The banking system is following the requirements of the government in the anti money laundering and terrorism use of funds
You must be absolutely clear that none of the funds proposed to be used via ICGS are from an illegal source or have been transacted by those on the government watch lists.

Q3) How are large pooled funds and returns handled. +

There is normally an allocation of an agreed paymaster who handles large transactions for a small percentage.
They process the contracted percentages and cover the currency and inter country requirements

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